In honor of Women's History Month, we'll be getting the inside scoop on beauty tips, career advice, and secret passions of PhenomeNAIL women doing incredible things.


Our next PhenomeNAIL Woman is Trenna Seney from Love Trenna Jewelry. Trenna is making major waves with her gorgeous, eclectic pieces. She makes everything from rings to body chains, and they are ALL fabulous! Learn more about this beauty below!

Q: In a nutshell, tell us what you do.

A: My name is Trenna, and I have my own handmade jewelry line called Love Trenna!

Q: Do you have any great beauty secrets?

A: Yes! The Secret to a flawless face is to spray setting spray (preferably Urban Decay with the purple top) FIRST before putting on any foundation or anything. And for concealer I LOVE Anastasia's Concealer, it’s literally changed my life.

Q: What keeps you passionate and motivated with Love Trenna?

A: I have tons of Faith. I know God is working with me. I truly believe in my Dream. What keeps me passionate is my promise to never give up. I’m always inspired by something. I always want to create something. I have too much passion to not do this. 

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: Scary but real question. I’m always running around NYC so I have to wear comfortable clothes. So there’s 2 looks I have. One is my creative look, where I am strictly in sweat pants and cool graphic tee and awesome Nikes running around getting supplies or creating pieces. My second look would absolutely be Boho Chic. Long maxis, crop tops, lace tops, big nice hat, cross-body bag. Totally me!

Q: What has been your greatest professional accomplishment so far?

A: I have 2. I 100% LOVE where I come from. So my greatest accomplishment would be being in the Newspaper and having Westchester County acknowledge that it was really amazing. The second would be making a piece for Beyonce's stylist Ty Hunter and him loving it.

Q: What's one thing that always makes you feel beautiful?

One thing that makes me feel beautiful, this may seem so simple but I’m happy I’m healthy, I feel blessed every day. I’m growing daily to be a better woman so I just feel blessed and from that I feel extremely beautiful.

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