Welcome to the Elixir List

25th and June

Hello beautiful people! I can't believe it's August! I can't believe it's still rainy (at least here in NYC)! And I can't believe this is my first post to all of you in what seems like forever!

As some of you know, I started 25th & June because of my pure love for nail polish, but over the years I've realized that this little "thing" of mine is so much more than a product. Owning my own business has taught me so many lessons and showed me how much I'm in love with music, art, writing, and countless other forms of expression.

Sooooo, the point of these posts/emails/Elixir List's will be to, of course let you all know about the dope colors and collections I'll be putting out, but also to share things that inspire me and my friends, share the thoughts swirling in my head, and even pose questions for all of you so we can keep learning, keep growing, and keep loving...you, know...all the things I'm into :)

I'm HELLA excited to start getting in contact more often! There's so much to share, so much to see, and SO MUCH to talk about. With that being said, I welcome you to the Elixir List!

The first thing I'll share is a link my coworker sent me this morning...it's a liiiiiittle cheesy in the beginning...but just what I needed.  

Hope you love it!