Brilliant & Baazar

Brilliant & Baazar


The Kapali Carisi, or Grand Bazaar, in Istanbul, Turkey, is like a vendor pop-up shop on steroids. Anything you can think of–scarves, Persian rugs, gold, spices, snakes, silk, ice cream, mattresses, plants, lightbulbs, diamonds–you can buy it all under one roof...but not until you engage in an artful negotiation session with a store owner.

I remember walking into a fabric store and staring at a tapestry made of the most vibrant, deep pink silk I had ever seen. I then attempted to bargain for a ridiculously low price, the store owner laughed, we went back and forth, and I have that tapestry, and now you have this brilliant pink. 


Recommended: 2 coats


*Due to differences between monitor displays, actual color may vary slightly from image.

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